Top 10 High paying Jobs in USA (New Lists)



Do you wish to work in the U.S and earn a high salary? Worry no more. This article is on high-paying jobs in USA. This article aims to inform you of the highest-paid jobs available in the United States, so keep reading to get the information you need.

The below information is gotten from the U.S News, World report, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Every year some sets of jobs continue to lead in the categories of highest paid jobs in the United States making them the jobs that pay their employee’s high salaries. What are these jobs? Read below to know about these jobs!

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Top 10 High paying jobs in USA

Lots of high paying are available in the USA but in this article, we have decided to write on the top 10 jobs that pay in the U.S

1. Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is one of the most paid jobs in the world currently. The job of an anesthesiologist is to administer anesthesia to patients in pain and perform surgical operations on patients. Anesthesiologists are trained, medical doctors whose annual salaries range from $250 to-267,000 annually. As of today (22nd September 2021), Anaesthesiologists remain the best-paid workers in the USA

Requirements to be an Anesthesiologist

For you to be a qualified anesthesiologist, you are required to undergo a pre-medical program and obtain a degree from an accredited university. In most cases, the training of an anesthesiologist lasts for four years after which you proceed to medical school.

2. Software developers/ Engineers

Software developers are those in charge of app making and maintenance. In the USA, Software developers are highly rated among the top workers, and for this reason, top U.S companies pay a huge amount of money every year to software developers to designed apps for their firms. The annual salary of software developers/engineers ranges from $240-260,000

Software Developers training

This type of training does not necessarily mean you obtain a degree, but to be a qualified and recognized software developer or engineer you need a degree to boost your career.

3. Marketing Managers

These sets of people supervise direct investment activities, management strategies, implementing long-term company goals. Although their type of works depends on their positions. The salary of a marketing manager is above $140,000 annually.

Requirements to be a marketing manager

Under this occupation, you will find another job such as sales managers, promotions managers, advertising and marketing managers.

For you to be qualified for these positions you need at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration from a recognized university.

4. Dentists

They diagnose and treat teeth and gum-related problems. They instruct their patients on what to do concerning teeth issues. This type of job is mostly rated by the U.S as one of the well-paid jobs in the states. As a Dentistry doctor, you can $180,000 above annually.


In this job category there exist nine specialties. To become a dental specialist, you are required to complete an additional training of 1-2 years (after your first degree) after which you proceed to get a license.

5. Surgeon

These are a special set of doctors responsible for the treatment of injured patients; they obtain medical histories, perform diagnostic tests. They are well paid in the U.S and other top countries. The annual salary of a surgeon goes beyond $250,000

To be a qualified surgeon, you must attend medical school and at least spend four years in medical school after your first degree. After undergoing various medical training you will be accessed and if qualified you will become a surgeon.

6. Air Traffic Controllers

They coordinate the direction and ensure air safety. They must provide the pilot the instructions on what he needs for safe landing and take-off. Air controlling job remains one of the best jobs in the USA with an annual salary of $170,000 and above

7. Petroleum Engineers

They locate oil and natural gas wells. They also work with geologists to determine the rock properties in the course of drilling of located oils. They get paid $75.00 per hour and $160,000 annually.

It is expected you at least acquire a bachelor’s degree in petrol chemical engineering from the university before you will be accepted to work in this field.

8. Lawyers

Lawyers, also known as attorneys must be responsible for a strict ethical code. They act as advocates and advisors. They defend most of their client cases in law court. Law is a lucrative profession that pays above $150,000 yearly as salary in the U.S

For you to be called to bar as a professional lawyer you need a degree in law from a well know university

9. Podiatrist

They treat ankle and foot injuries alongside infections. Podiatrists prescribe drugs, develop therapies and also perform surgeries on patients with foot problems. The annual salary of a podiatrist goes beyond $149,000

10. Psychiatrists

When it comes to mental health disorders Psychiatrists are well-known. They make use of different medicinal, psychological, and psychotherapeutic to treat patients.

Psychiatrists take home over $170,000 annually as salaries.


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