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Name: Jordan Thomas
Stage name: Huskerrs
Country: America
Net worth: $7 Million
Status: Single
Last update: 2021

Huskerrs is an expert game player, professional YouTuber, and one of the biggest American Twitch stars.

He is known for his YouTube channel where he uploads his gaming records and he has gained over 116k endorsers.

This article gets you informed about Huskerrs net worth, age, biography, girlfriend, and other notable details. Keep reading!

Huskerrs Biography

Huskerrs who’s real name is Jordan Thomas was born on 24 October 1997 in St. Louis, MO United States. For now, his family is unknown, but we will update you shortly on Huskerr’s family details.

Huskerrs Gaming Career

Huskerrs began his gaming career playing Apex Legends during its inception in February 2019, bored with CoD: Blackout.

Before. becoming a full-time player, he participated in H1Z1 while in college. His professional gaming journey began when he started streaming his Force 2.0 delta gameplays on Twitch as a hobby back in August 2012, after this, he started focusing on call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 content. Slowly he grew to an H1Z1 pro-player after his first tournament in March 2017.

Huskerrs moved to his CoD: Blackout soon after college and was allowed to create his own team called Sweetdreams. This was after he became a part of Rogue’s team. Few months after he created Sweetdreams, he discovered that there was no future in blackout and he jumped to Apex Legends immediately after it was released, this was because he felt it was similar to Blackout. He stepped down on April 2020, a year after pursuing professional Apex. Huskerrs is one of the famous Twitch stars according to Mastiload updates.

Huskerrs Girlfriend

Currently, it is unknown who Huskerrs is dating but we will update you as soon as we know who Huskerrs girlfriend is.

Huskerrs Age, height and body measurements

For now, we don’t have much information on Huskerr’s age, height, and body measurements. Our team of writers is working on this and it will update soon.

Income and Streaming hours of Huskerrs

According to research, Huskerrs has approximately 8,250 subscribers. This implies that his lowest monthly earnings are worth $23, 700 USD per month, this excludes revenue he gets from tiered, subscriptions, sponsorships, adverts, salary, and tournament winnings. It was revealed that Huskerrs has revived over USD 19,663 from donations and has won over USD 110,000 from various tournaments.

He doesn’t have a stable schedule. However, He streams between 3.5 – 5 hours when he streams

How much is Huskerrs Net worth? (Forbes)

According to update on 17th May 2021, Huskerrs is worth $7 Million according to Forbes update. Huskerrs is one of the most successful American Youtuber and Twitch stars who is globally known for his amazing gaming skills.

Facts about Huskerrs

  • He was born on 24 October 1997 meaning that he is 24 years old currently
  • He doesn’t have a stable schedule for his streamings
  • He is one of the most successful Youtuber a and Twitch stars
  • Huskerrs real name is Jordan Thomas
  • He began his gaming career playing Apex Legends
  • His net worth is $7 Million according to Forbes

Lesson Learned from Huskerrs

  • Never give up! Be confident and learn to pursue your goals no matter the obstacles you encounter on your way up the ladder.
  • Teamwork: This is one of the criteria to succeed in your field. Work with others who share the same ideas, goals as you. This will motivate you to keep on moving ahead.
  • Know what you want and know what it takes to get what you want and become what you always wanted.

Conclusion on Huskerrs Net worth

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