9 unique ways to monetize your Skills and Make Money Online

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9 unique ways to monetize your Skills

In today’s world, it’s not just enough to have a 9-5 job and depend on salaries. Gone are the days when working as a factory or construction worker in a company can give you the life you desire until retirement.

The world is getting tougher and people are looking for second, third, and even forth sources of income in order to foot bills and plan retirement. If you’re such, then this article is for you.

I’ve outlined 9 unique ways to monetize your skills and make money online.  you can use these strategies to make some extra income even if you have a 9-5 job or currently unemployed.


There are times when you need answers to certain questions, you go to Google to look for answers. But at certain times, you’re not satisfied with the information you got, so you went ahead to talk to a professional that should have answers to your question. So therefore since the person is an expert he can easily provide the right answer to your question. This is one of the best method and unique ways to monetize your skills and make money onlyine.

In the same light, you too might be an expert in some certain fields probably as a fashion designer, makeup artist, content writing, or any other anything.
Once you determine your skills and the areas where you’re good, it’s time to impact it in people’s lives, I mean people that will benefit from your skill and don’t mind paying for that.

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Top sites where you can teach and make money are Udemy, Teachable, Pegon Academy, etc


Graphic design is a great on-demand skills that can fetch you lots of money if you’re good at it and apply the right strategies. You can create your own graphic design and sell it online.

On sites like Fiverr or Upwork, you can get clients that need logo designs, business cards, fliers, etc. If you desire to learn graphics design and monetize it, you can check out this Graphics Design Course, It’s a great way to start your journey to becoming a Professional Graphics Designer.

3. E-BOOK:

Another way to turn your skills into cash is writing and selling e-books. In other to have a perfect e-book, you could hire a proofreader who can help you to detect grammatical errors in your book, You would also need to design a good-looking book cover. If you can’t, you might want to consider hiring an expert in graphic design to do it for you. Selling E-Books is among the unique ways to monetize your skills and makee money.


If you discover you have the talent to write relevant and engaging articles like the ones you have here, then blogging might be for you. It’s all about posting regular content that your audience is interested in, and helps them to solve their problems.

You can generate money from your blog by applying to and adding Google AdSense to your blog to help Google advertisers show ads on your blog and to your audience.

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Affiliate marketing is the process whereby you promote people’s products or services on their behalf and get paid some commissions.
Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest methods to make lots of money online from the comfort of your home. Affiliate marketing sites such as Amazon or Click-bank are a great place to start.


Drop shipping is another lucrative online skills. It is a business model where you sell products online to buyers. The thing about drop shipping is that you don’t necessarily have to own or store the goods, your supplier can help you to package and deliver the products to your customers on your behalf.

Shopify drop-shipping website is one of the many websites where you have access to products that you can add to your online store to sell. On the Shopify drop shipping app, you can edit items descriptions and change certain things to fit your brand, so that people will recognize and love to buy from you.
There are marketing strategies to sell your products on Shopify or any other drop shipping website, such as running ads on Facebook or by advertising with the help of influencers.


Lots of YouTubers have made lots of money through their YouTube channel. People like Dude Perfect, Mr. Beast, Jake Paul, Unspeakable, etc. if you want to make money through YouTube channel, you need to make sure you stick to one niche so you can build a strong relationship with your audience and to gain their loyalty.

For instance, think of what you can do better through YouTube channel, it could be tutorial videos on makeup, fashion designer, baking of cake, or anything you’re good at.

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The surest way to make money on YouTube channel is to create good content that people will benefit from and likely subscribe to. Next, always let your headlines be attractive to your audience.

To be effective at YouTube and monetize faster, you would need to create videos that are not only interesting but also have good quality. And that’s where having a good video editing skill comes into play.


If you know you can snap pictures or you’re a professional photographer, there various websites were you can upload your photos and earn money. Sites like adobe stock, 500px, etc. are great sites to display your work and get paid when people download a copy of your image. So you can earn money online by snapping good pictures.


If you already have skill like writing, video editing or graphics designs, then you might want to check out freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork. These are sits where you ca get clients to work for and get paid once your job is done.

Outside freelancing sites, you can also monetize your skills on a personal level by identifying the people that need your ,skills, and that way, you can get the write or design for individuals or companies.

Summary of the unique ways to monetize your skills

We have listed and written a well-detailed guide on unique ways to monetize your skills and make money online. Although making money online is not as easy as it seems, but the assurance of making money online is certain if you follow the tips contained above.

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