Vegas Dave Net Worth: Biography,Career and Wife

What is Vegas Dave Net worth?

Vegas Dave is an American Sports betting expert who is known for his recording breaking in the world of betting. As of today, 1st December 2021, Vegas Dave Net worth is approximately $20 million according to Forbes Update.

Name: Dave Oancea
Date of Birth: December 10,1976
Birth Place: United Sates
Age: 44 Years
Net worth: $20 million
Height: 5 Feet 6 inches Tall
Birth Sign: Sagittarius

This article will reveal to you the life and career of Vegas Dave: Vegas Dave Biography, Net worth, career and wife all these will be covered in this post. Relax and enjoy your reading!

Vegas Dave Biography

Vegas Dave whose real name is Dave Oancea was born on December 10,1976 in Honolulu, Hawaii. While in school, Vegas had no passion to pursue his academics. Due to this effect, he took $10k student loan and invested it in roulette table. Luck shine on Vegas Dave as he ended up doubling his money, winning $20k. After his winning, he decided to pursue sports betting.

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Vegas Dave Career


After getting a loan and doubling his money, Vegas Dave reinvested the $20k to additional bets. Betting for Dave wasn’t an easy one as he encounter many challenges before succeeding. He almost lost all his money. At a point, he had to borrow money from his parents.

However, Dave Oancea learn to maximize his money and stayed out of debts.

In 2002, Dave risky bet paid off. He predicted in a long of Ravens winning the SuperBowl. He bet $8k for a payout of $208k. He won the bet and was paid the money. Vegas Dave is among the top betting guys in United States who never give up in their dreams of making it big in the world of betting.

Vegas Dave had his biggest breakthrough in 2015. He bet $100k for the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. Luck shone on him as he was able to win the bet and get a payout of $2.5 million for winning.

Dave Oancea made history when he predicted that Holly Holm would beat the undefeated UFC champion, Ronda Rousey in 2015. For this bet he placed $20k and cashed out $240k. The payout set a record for UFC history.

Dave decided to retire from sports betting after getting banned from almost all casinos in Las Vegas. This was because he lost them a great deal of money with no end in sight. The Casinos refuse to allow payouts of such a large amount of money ever again. Dave is now an owner of sports betting consulting company . This he has setup for clients that has passion for sports betting . So far, he has about 10,000 clients.

Vegas Dave Wife

Vegas Dave wife,Holly Sonders, is a former Fox Sports &Golf channel host. She divorced former Golf Channel Co-host Erik Kuselias in 2016. Dave engaged her in December 2019.

Vegas Dave Net worth 2021

Vegas Dave whose real name is Dave Oancea is an American Top bet-enthusiast who is approximately $20 million according to Forbes on 1st December 2021. Dave is best known for winning huge amount on bets.

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