Top lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria ( No 4 is the trending skill in Nigeria)

lucrative skills to learn In Nigeria, self-employment is the highest employer of labor. people are desperately in search of better alternatives aside from White Collar jobs. which is why we have decided to write on ten major lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria.

Skills otherwise known as handwork work is the most essential thing to acquire in order to guarantee yourself a steady means of income. The unemployment rate in Nigeria tends to increase on a daily basis, which is why it is advised that a serious Nigerian should learn a good skill (handwork) in order to have a means of earning and not depending on salary or begging to survive.

Some lucrative skills require a large sum of capital to set up after learning. however, there are other skills that require setting up with a little amount of money and in return, these skills will fetch you a large profit.

Furthermore, irrespective of your gender, the best decision that you can make is to learn a lucrative skill and also make it your utmost priority.

Below is the top lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria

1. Tailoring (Fashion design)

Tailoring remains number one on the top ten lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria because we Nigerians love our native wears and so we do patronize tailors a lot.

Some prefer native Ankara, Agbada, Asoebi to white or English wears. This is the main reason why you need to learn a tailoring skill.

How to learn a tailoring skill in Nigeria

A lot of fashion schools exist in Nigeria and these schools are available for You to enroll for learning.

You can also reach an apprenticeship agreement with a good fashion designer now in your location to learn tailoring.

2. Gsm Repairs

With the advancement in technological innovations, many financial opportunities are opened to GSM repairer. Our phones tend to develop faults on a daily basis, and so the service of a Gsm Engineer will always be needed.

The chances of making money immediately you acquire the skill is high because phone repairs are among the lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria.

How to learn phone repair skills in Nigeria

you can learn phone repairs chills through YouTube tutorials that show you how to fix some major problems developed by mobile phones.


you can also learn phone repairs from a good technician depending on your location.

3. Photography

Major events such as naming ceremony, matriculation, convocation, even funerals require the services of a good photographer. Photography is one of the best lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria. the chances of making money through photography in Nigeria is Broad. All you need do is to understand the art of digital photography and then be a pro in this field.

4. Hairdressing and Barbing

These two are one of the most rewarding and best lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria. Women dress their hair to look more beautiful, Men on the other hand cut their hair on a regular basis. It is no doubt that hair cutting and plating are some of the major skills that place in Nigeria.

The good thing about this skill is that it is easy to set up without capital difficulties. As a good barber or hairdresser, the high or low patronage will depend on how well you relate with your customers.

6. Web Design or Blogging

Web design is among the lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria. businesses showcase their products/services online and this is done to the art of a good web designer. blogging is also a good online business to start in Nigeria, all you need do is to master the art of writing and then showcase your writing skills online, and then get paid for solving problems through writing.

6. Baking/ Catering

Baking of cake, fish-rolls making, etc, falls under this category. With this ability, the sky could be your limit in Nigeria. This skill is open to a worker, students, or even a housewife.

The good thing about this skill is that you can choose to be a retailer by supplying your products through hotels, shops, and schools that are willing to pay for your services.

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