Top 5 Best Tips on How to make money online as a teenager

Making money online as a teenager is not tedious provided you follow the right procedures. We are in the modern world where the internet makes it easy for teenagers to earn legitimately online.

Learn how to start making legitimate money online in this article. We provide you with a full detail on how to make money as a teenager.

As a teenager, are  you also a student? This articles also covers tips on how to earn online for students.

For numerous reasons, teenagers these days earnestly want to make money online; some want to make money to be financially self-sufficient. While some want to make money to acquire lots of things such as gadgets and the likes. The good thing about the modern internet is that: it is easy to make money right from the comfort of your home.

We will reveal to you step by step on how to make money without a job online, most online jobs requires no certificate to do them, which makes it easy to make fast money as a teenager online. Without wasting your time,  we will show you the steps in making money for teenagers online.


How to make money online as a teenager

1. Become a Freelancer


Freelancing is one of the best, easiest and fast way of making money as a teenager online as it requires no certificate to do this. Do you know that with Skills such as copywriting, translation, graphic designing, app development or excel knowledge you can make up to $1,000 online? This is the best method on how to make $1,000 as a teenager online. One good thing about freelancing jobs is that these jobs can be done in any hour of the day

Steps on How to become a freelancer online:
  • The first step on how to become a freelancer online is by signing up on a website that pays you to complete different tasks; Picoworkers is one of such. website. You can also check out sites like Chegg India, Freelance India, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr.
  • Sign up with your full name, email, country, and other important details. Wait for verification and once you are verified or approved. You can then start working as a freelancer on these websites.
  • To receive payment from these websites: you will need a PayPal, payooner, or bank account for transactions.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most lucrative online jobs that can be done from home. Blogging is the fastest way to make money as an under 18. I know a lot of teenagers would love to ask questions like “how do I  make money online as an under 18” Becoming a blogger is the best way to make money as an under 18.

How to make money blogging for beginners

  • The first step to start blogging as a beginner is to get a domain name and hosting. In terms of getting a domain name and hosting, Namecheap is the best hosting for WordPress sites and other website-creating platforms.
  • After getting your domain name and hosting, the next thing to do is to design your website, choose your desired niche.
  • After you must have purchased your domain, design your blog, and probably chosen your niche and at least publish 20 articles, you can then apply for Adsense or affiliate marketing and start earning online as a blogger.

3. Vlogging Jobs

I know you may want to ask “what is Vlogging and how does it work?” This I will answer below

Aside from blogging, we also have vlogging which is inform of a video blog. You make a video of your own, upload it, and get paid for views generated by your uploaded video. I will recommend this type of online job for 14 years old and above because this is a type of job that can be done with little or no experience.

How to start a vlog and make money

  • The first step to start a Vlog and make money is to get a good phone, laptop, or a good video recorder.
  • Choose your desired niche, make a video on it. Visit video uploading platforms like Youtube, create an account.
  • After you are done creating your account, edit the already created video and upload it. In some cases, you may be required to promote your video.
  • To monetize your Youtube channel: apply for Youtube Adsense and start earning

4. Proofreading Jobs

One of the legitimate ways to earn online is by proofreading articles and getting paid for services rendered. As a teenager, are you good at proofreading or editing written articles? If yes, then proofreading is highly recommended here.

How to Become a Proofreader online

To become a proofreader online, visit sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Amazon. Sign up, wait for approval, after approval set up your profile and apply for proofreading jobs online.

5. Sell Ebooks Online

Are you good at writing stories, tutorials, poems? You can sell your written works by converting them to PDF. A lot of teenagers make money online by simply selling ebooks online. You can also do the same.

How to sell Ebook Online

To sell your ebook(s) online you will need to convert them and then go to websites such as Fiverr, sign up, and create a gig that will enable you to sell your material inform of ebooks.

You will need an active bank account, payooner, PayPal, or other means of receiving payment online to receive payments from buyers.


How to make money online as a teenager:

  • Become a freelancer
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Apply for proofreading or editing jobs online
  • Sell Ebooks online

This article on how to make money online as a teenager is a free guide written for teenagers who would want to make extra income online. Read carefully to know-how to make money online as a teenager.

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