Shane Dawson Net worth, Biography and Career (Forbes)

Shane Dawson net worth

How much is Shane Dawson Net worth?

Shane Dawson is an American Youtuber, actor, musician, and comedian with a net worth of $12 million in 2021 . He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. Shane Dawson is a Writer, Comedian, Artiste, and Director who has attained a high level of notoriety for his documentary-style expose and conspiracy videos on Youtube.

Shane Dawson Biography (Early Life)

Shane Dawson, whose birth name was Shane Lee Yaw, was conceived on July 19, 1988, in Long Beach. He grew up in Long Beach, California. He graduated from Lakewood High School. Shane Dawson grew up in a low-income household with a single mother, Teresa Yaw.  While growing up, Shane Dawson was bullied for his weight in school; his two siblings (Jacob and Jerid Yaw) helped him during these times; he lost 150 pounds (68kg). He first developed an interest in making videos when he would turn in videos as school projects with his friends while in school.

Shane Dawson Career

Shane Dawson began his career as a Youtuber by uploading comedic videos to the channel, producing a new one each week. He made his youtube channel ‘ShaneDawsonTv’ on March 10, 2008. He also launched two extra tracks, including his daily vlog, which he produced using his mobile phone. He has collaborated with other Youtube stars on different projects, and as a result, was named the 25 ‘Most Famous Web Celebrity’ by Forbes Magazine.

Shane Dawson generated more than 500 million views on Youtube between 2008 and 2010. Aside from this successful journey, he has ever since produced a successful number of pilots and has also released a series of successful singles. He announced a partnership deal with Sony Pictures to develop Films and series in 2011. His youtube subscribers have grown to over 22 million on the main YouTube channel, and his videos have been viewed more than 5 billion times.

He has achieved widespread success for his conspiracy and docu-series videos. His famous docu-series about Jeffree star, TanaCon, and Jake Paul series was viewed  10 million times under 7 hours.

Dawson began producing ‘Conspiracy with Shane Dawson’ in 2015. They have risen to the height of his most-viewed and discussed videos.

As an author, he has written two times New York best-selling books, ‘I Hate Myself’ and ‘It Gets Worse.’ He won the 2018 people’s choice award for ‘The Social Star of 2018.’

He successfully launched a podcast in 2013 called ‘Shane and Friends’ that ran until 2017 and produced 140 episodes. The average episode was downloaded 250,000 times at the peak of his podcast. It was one of the highest-earning podcast in 2014, generating $15,000 per episode.

As a musical artist, Shane Dawson released a single’ SUPERLUV!’ The song achieved some recognition on iTunes and reached 87 in Ireland, 16 on the UK indie chart, and 163 on the Uk singles Chart.

As of December, 2021, Shane Dawson Net worth is approximately $12 million

Shane Dawson Net worth 2021

Jeffree and Shane collaborated to form a cosmetics collection known as’ The Conspiracy.’ The collection includes an eye-shadow palette and six liquid lipstick colors. In an October 2019 YouTube video, Jeffree asserted that if the sell-out of the eye-shadow, they would earn $35 million, with $10 million running to Shane. With re-orders, the numbers would eventually rise even higher. Shane revealed that if he does earn $10 million from the line, it will be more than he’s ever made off his entire YouTube career.

Shane Dawson bought a 5,000 square foot house in Calabasas for $3 million in November 2018. They have two dogs and a cat.

Shane Dawson Net worth as of 2021 is approximately $12 million

Shane Dawson Biography

Name: Shane Dawson
Date of Birth: July 19, 1988
Height: 6ft (1.83 m)
Gender: Male
Relationship: Ryland Adams
Nationality: United state of Ameria
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Musician, Film director
Net worth $12 milliom

Personal Life

Shane Dawson is bisexual. He dated Lisa Schwartz from 2011 to 2015. He is currently in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Ryland Adams. They became engaged in march 2019


Shane Dawson is an American Actor, Comedian, and  YouTube star who has a net worth of $12 million In 2021. He has become famous, primarily for his docu-style videos and his Conspiracy series. Shane Dawson is one of the first YouTubers to earn more than $1 million per year off the platform, and he is currently one of the highest-earning YouTubers ever year.

He collaborated with makeup tycoon Jeffree Star to launch a line of cosmetics in 2019 that reportedly could earn Shane tens of millions of dollars in personal income and stateliness.

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