How To Access Admission Status On Jamb Portal

Do you always encounter difficulties when trying to accessing your Jamb profile, and also checking your admission status? Worry no more, we are here to help you out.

We have been receiving numerous emails from our readers on the difficulties they always encounters while trying to login their profile, and also accessing admission status, on Jamb efacility.

We do believe that our following tutorial on how to login your Jamb profile, and access your admission status will help. All we need you to do is to follow this tutorial and then practice what we are about to teach you.

How to login your profile on Jamb portal

1. The first step is to open your browser (We recommend you use chrome browser)

2. Type, it will then redirect you to a new tab, input in your Jamb profile email and password, after this click login.

Input the password you used when creating your Jamb profile.

That is that on how to login your Jamb profile. The next step is on :

Accessing admission status on Jamb portal

1. Proceed to check admission status after login to your Jamb dashboard , then click on Access my Caps.

Your Jamb profile at this point will show up, you will then see your status. Our next tutorial is on how to accept your admission on Jamb Caps

Accepting your admission on Jamb Caps

1. After your Jamb profile, your Jamb registration number, course and UTME subject combination . You will see Admission status.

Beneath that you will see CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION, the accept or reject button will appear.

Click on accept if you like the course or click on reject if you don’t like the course. After this you will see a notification from says, are you sure you want to accept this admission offer? Click on okay.

Congratulations you have accepted your admission successfully

How to resolve other issues like Invalid email or password

If you get this error “invalid email or password, try again” when accessing the Jamb portal then something may likely be wrong. It could be that your email or password.

Ensure you are using the original email you provided during your Jamb profile /utme registration.

Another thing to note is your password. Such error may likely occur when your inserted password is wrong. Try using the proper password or use the forgot password link.

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