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New academic procedures on How to write a good resume

How to write a good resume
A resume, image source: Unsplash.com

In this article, we aim to guide and teach you good tips on how to write a good resume for different purposes.

What is a Resume?

A Resume is a piece of a document created by an individual to present their details such as background (biography), skills, and accomplishments.

In other term, a reason resume is an official document that attends to show a personal biography and skills. In most cases, it is built to get a new job.

The aim of a resume

The sole aim of a resume is to expose you to employers, present your qualifications, and grant you the opportunity for an interview. A good resume should contain your experience, education, and relevant skills in an organized format that will be easy for recruiters to comprehend.

How to write a good resume

A good resume should contain these dispositions:

  • Your contact information: this is relevant because job recruiters may decide  to contact you for employment or interview, so your resume should include your contact information such as name, phone, relevant email address, and social media (optional)
  • Resume profile (biography): This should include a summary of your best skills and impressive achievements.  It caps your resume and serves as your Job diary.
  • Educational Info: This includes your attended schools, degrees acquired,  major/minors.
  • Work experience: Your past job experience, career history. Also, include your previous companies, duties, and years spent.
  • Resume Skills: Include Job-related skills that may be of value to your forthcoming employer. A well-documented skill section can increase your chances of securing a job.

Your resume must be concise, and strategic to present your qualifications to gain a recruiter’s attention in meeting you. It should transmit your skills, work experience, and possession. The resume is used to describe what you can attain professionally in an expression that also clarifies what you can do if employed.

What you shouldn’t be in a resume

  • Avoid using an inappropriate email address. Your email address should be easy to read, type, and at the same time nonoffensive.
  • Avoid the use of personal pronouns such as “I”, ” my”, “me”. Write your resume as if it was written by someone else.
  • Including reasons for leaving your previous job is not allowed, the sole aim of your resume is to promote your skills, experience, and accomplishments
  • Irrelevant personal information such as weight, height, age status, political views should not be included.
  • Including a picture of yourself is not allowed for a good resume, keep your picture or photo out of your resume

Qualities of a good resume

A good resume should include the following:

  • Award and honors
  • Volunteer work
  • Publications (if any)
  • Projects
  • Certification and licenses
  • Remember that honestly pays. It is advisable to be truthful about yourself when writing your self when writing your resume; this will boost your confidence

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How to write a good (summary)

  • A summary of how to write a good resume for different objectives.
  • Your resume must be easy to read. Avoid the use of enormous grammar.
  • Include relevant information such as your name, profile, work experience, and relevant skills that will be beneficial to your employer.
  • Make your resume catchy and pleasing. Follow the rules on how to write a good resume to achieve this.
  • Proofreading your resume is important when creating a good resume, proofread your resume as best as possible.
  • Keep your resume short and impressive: avoid the use of inappropriate verbs and words.
  • Age, political views, height, and other irrelevant details about you are not needed. So avoid them when writing your resume.
  • Keep your resume short and simple.

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