How to make your phone battery last longer


How to make your phone battery last longer

Mobile Phones have become an essential part of our everyday life.

Its Numerous advantages, which include secure communication, easy access to the internet, and overall benefit to our well-being has made it a Necessary Asset to every human being walking the planet.

Therefore, it is quite reasonable since it needs a battery to function that it’ll have some faults as about the Life Span and Durability of the device.

But sometimes the issue of Poor Durability of batteries is caused by some of our

Ignorance of some specific things we should and shouldn’t do.
Here’s a list of SEVEN things You Should Stop Doing if you want Your Phone battery to last long!

How to make your phone battery last longer

1. Turn On Airplane Mode if You’re in a Place with Bad Network.

Our Phones Network services Continue to seek Signals even if we’re in a place where there’s terrible Network. This single function of it drains the battery Percentage little by little without us knowing!

Always endeavour to turn On your Airplane Mode if You’re in a Place with Bad Network.

2. Stop Putting Your phone in your jeans pocket.

Putting your Phone in your pocket Is the easiest way to carry your phone about, but sometimes dust and other little debris could get into your phones charging point, and that could stop the battery from functioning correctly

While buying a Phone case, try to get one that could cover the charging point.

3. Turn off your data and clear Apps when you’re not using them

It’s as simple as it is stated!

Always turn off your Mobile Data and Clear apps When you’re not using them. They drain your battery silently.

4. Switch Off your Phone once in a While

We make use of our Phones virtually every day, giving it no time to rest. Once in a while, it is good to Just Put it Off for like 15 minutes, not when the battery Is low o. But just switching it off and allowing it to rest even with Full percentage.

At least thrice in a week.

5. Don’t always keep Your Phone at 100 per cent.
Keeping your phone at 100 per cent all the time will make the battery weak and Exhausted.

Imagine as a human; your Stomach is always filled with Food; there is no way you’ll be able to function correctly. Allow it to drain once in a while.

6.┬áDon’t Charge Your Phone Overnight.

This is very bad. The batter gets full, and since you’re sleeping, it continues charging.

This is one of the fastest ways to drain the life of your battery

Don’t charge your phone overnight.

7. Stop using your phone while it’s charging

Stop using your phone while it’s charging; You’ll have all the time after charging it.

It reduces the life span and, in the end, kills the battery.

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