How to Check Data Balance on Glo (New Method)


A lot of Glo subscribers want to know how to check data balance on Glo, how to check Glo data balance and bonus, or how to check data balance via SMS but don’t know how to. This is the reason why we have decided to create this article.

Read to get what you are searching for.
This post is created to solve the problem of our readers searching for various ways on how to check data balance on Glo. Here we will show you quick ways on how to check data or airtime amount on Glo without stress.

Glo is one of the best service providers in Nigeria, they are best when it comes to dishing out data and airtime. For this reason, they accumulate a lot of subscribers daily. But sadly, a lot of Glo subscribers don’t know the method or way on how to check data balance.
Last time we published an article on how to borrow airtime and data from Airtel

Today, our article is on checking goo data balance. This works for both new and old subscribers on Glo network.

How to check data balance  on Glo

To check data on Glo use the USSD code below. It is free to use bad it does not require any charge. All you need to do is dial the code on your phone.

Glo Data Balance

Dial *777# to check Glo data balance, after failing the code, you will receive a text message from the Glo network, containing your data balance, bonus, and other offers.

How to Check Glo Data Balance and Bonus

We earlier told you we are going to show you the method on how to check Glo data balance and bonus and that is what we shall explain in this section.

  • Dial *127*0# on your phone and send
  • A message will appear on your screen. This message will display to you your current Glo data balance and bonus
  • You can also use the first format, which is by dialing *777#, this will take you to the glo menu, select your plan, then choose manage data, your subscription plan, the expiry date, remaining bundle, and bonus will be sent you via SMS.

Other methods of checking Glo data balance via SMS.

This is another method to check Glo data balance and bonus via SMS. Follow the steps below to get a good result

  • You can check Glo data balance via SMS by sending ‘INFO’ to 127
  • You will get a reply immediately after sending the above message
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  • The reply contains your remaining data balance, bonus, and expiry date of your subscription.

Away from Glo data checking. Now let us proceed to know Glo subscription codes, amount, and validity period. We know a lot of Glo subscribers would want to know much about Glo plan and subscription code. All these details you will find below.

Glow Data Plan and Subscription Codes

  • 1 Day Plan: N50 – Dail *777# (32 MB)
  • 1 Day Plan: N100 – Dail *777# (105 MB)
  • 2 Days Plan: N200 – Dail *777# (350 MB)
  • 1 Day Plan: N300 – Dail *777# (1 GB)
  • 2 Days Plan: N500 – Dail *777# (2 GB)
  • 1 Sunday Plan: N200 – Dail *777# (1.5GB)

Glo Night Plan

1 Night Plan: N25 – Dail *777# (250 MB)

1 Night Plan: N50 – Dail *777# (500 MB)

5 Nights Plan: N100 – Dail *777# (1GB)

Glo Weekly Data Plan

14 Days Plan: N500 – Dial *777# (1.05GB)

7 Days Plan: N1500 – Dial *777# (7GB)

Glo Campus Booster

2 Days Plan: N100 – Dial *777# (225 MB)

4 Days Plan: N200 – Dial *777# (450 MB)

7 Days Plan: N500 – Dial *777# (1.12GB)

15 Days Plan: N2000 – Dial *777# (2.25GB)

30 Days Plan: N5000 – Dial *777# (11.2GB)

Glo Monthly Data Plan

  • 30 days plan – N1000 – Dial*777# (2.5GB)
  • 30 days plan – N1500 – Dial*777# (4.1GB)
  • 30 days plan – N2000 – Dial*777# (5.8GB)
  • 30 days plan – N2500 – Dial*777# (7.7GB)
  • 30 days plan – N3000 – Dial*777# (10GB)
  • 30 days plan – N4000 – Dial*777# (13.25GB)
  • 30 days plan – N5000 – Dial*777# (18.25GB)
  • 30 days plan – N8000 – Dial*777# (29.5GB)
  • 30 days plan – N10000 – Dial*777# (50GB)
  • 30 days plan – N15000 – Dial*777# (93GB)
  • 30 days plan – N18000 – Dial*777# (119GB)
  • 30 days plan – N20000 – Dial*777# (138GB)

How to Check Glo Number (New Method)

To check Glo number simply dial *135*8#. After dialing this code, your phone number will appear on your phone screen

How to check airtime balance on Glo

To check airtime balance on Glo, simply dial #124#, after dialing this code, you will get a message instructing you to press 1.

After entering 1, click send, and you will see your airtime balance.


It is paramount to know how to check data and bonus balance on Glo, and also know the plan and subscription code.

There are so many offers on Glo which makes it one of the best and most popular service providers in Nigeria. Glo users, enjoy massive airtime and data bonus each time they recharge.

If you have complaints or any suggestions, feel free to use the comment box below.

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