[Fully Funded] Chevening Scholarship 2021 in UK (International Students)

Today we are gonna provide you each and every detail of Chevening Scholarship by which you can easily find from a little bit to complete about Chevening Scholarship 2021-2022 program to study in UK for FREE.

So, let’s start about this amazing scholarship for International Students.

First, let’s dive into the most confusing section about this program which is the difference between Chevening Scholarship 2021 and Chevening Fellowship 2021.

Chevening Scholarship & Fellowship

Actually, the major difference between Chevening Scholarship and Chevening Fellowship is that Chevening Scholarship program offers degree but Chevening Fellowship do not. Fellowship Program is just to enhance your Degree Expertise area even during your degree. If your degree is not yet completed and wanna boost up your experience and skills then you should apply for Fellowship.

But keep onething important in your mind that Chevening Fellowship does not offer degree. So, that’s the reason mostly students apply for Chevening Scholarship not for Chevening Fellowship program. If you wanna explore about the Chevening fellowship program then please visit this official source Chevening fellowship VS Chevening Scholarship

What is Chevening Scholarship?

Well, it is government supported program of United Knigdom to grant Scholarships to almost 144 Countries, since 1983. It is also one of the most Prestigious Scholarships Programs because it is fully funded and hosted country is UK.

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You can apply for it if you have done your Bachelor’s Degree, we discuss further details here below.

Scholarship Detail

Host Country: United Kingdom (UK)

Host Institution: Multiple Universities

Level of study: Masters & Doctoral

Scholarship Status: Fully Funded

Eligibility: All countries

DeadlineNovember 03, 2020

Chevening Scholarship 2021 Worth

    • Tuition
    • Airplane Ticket
  • Monthly Stipend to cover expenditures
  • Arrival Allowance
  • Visa Cost
  • Cost of Tuberculosis Test, if necessary


Eligibility for Chevening Scholarship

Following is the eligibility criteria for Chevening Scholarship 2021-2022 program.

  • Be a citizen of Chevening-eligible country
  • Return to your country within two years after your award has ended
  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Two years of work experience for Chevening Scholarships (Five years for Chevening Fellowship which does not grant a degree)
  • Apply to three Chevening-eligible UK university and be admitted unconditionally to one
  • Meet the English Proficiency Requirement

To explore more about the eligibility requirements of Chevening Scholarship please check this Official Source of Eligibility for Chevening Scholarship

Required Work-Experience

There is a requirement of Work Experience also to be eligible for this Program. As mentioned above 2 Years of working experience is required for this. You would not be entertained if you do not meet the requirement of Working Experience. These two things are most important and notable for students one is English Requirement and other one is Working Experience.

Accepted Working Experience type

    • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Voluntary Work
  • Paid or Unpaid Internships
  • Work Experience can be completed before, during, or after your undergraduate degree.

Minimum Hours requirement for Chevening Scholarship

For Chevening Scholarships, you need 2,800 hours of work experience. If you did not work full-time, you will need more than two years of work experience to satisfy minimum hours of work experience, accordingly.

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To explore more about the Working Experience Requirement please go through this official guide Work Experience Criteria

English Proficiency Requirements for Chevening Scholarship

English Proficiency is required for the Chevening Scholarship. But for Chevening Scholarship 2021, there is no requirement of the English Test.

In genral, the Chevening accepts English language tests from five providers:

• Academic IELTS (paper or computer-based)
• Pearson PTE Academic
• C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge English: Advanced [CAE])
• Trinity ISE II (B2)

Required Score for English Proficiency

Following is the score requirement for Chevening Scholarship,

Academic IELTS

An overall score of 6.5 with a minimum score in each component of:
Listening 5.5
Reading 5.5
Speaking 5.5
Writing 5.5

Pearson PTE Academic

Overall score of 58 with a minimum score in each component of:
Listening 42
Reading 42
Speaking 42
Writing 42


Overall score of 79 with a minimum score in each component of:
Listening 17
Reading 18
Speaking 20
Writing 17
(Chevening will only accept Toefl scores that meet the Chevening requirements and not ‘MyBest’ scores.)

C1 Advanced

Overall score of 176 with a minimum score in each component of:
Listening 162
Reading 162
Speaking 162
Writing 162
(Should an applicant take the test and score between 176 and 180, and achieve only a B2 certificate, the Secretariat would accept that result providing the 162 score in each category is met.)

Trinity ISE II (B2)

Overall pass and minimum pass in each skill across both modules:
Listening 2
Reading 15
Speaking 8
Writing 14

Eligible Countries without English Test

Please keep in mind that for the Chevening Scholarship 2021 program, there is no limit of English Test to the students of any country.

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In general, following is the list of countries for which English Proficiency is not mandatory,

    • Antigua and Barbuda
    • Australia
    • The Bahamas
    • Barbados
    • Belize
    • British Overseas Territories
    • Canada
    • Dominica
    • Grenada
    • Guyana
    • Ireland
    • Jamaica
    • New Zealand
    • St Kitts and Nevis
    • St Lucia
    • St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • The United States

If you wanna explore about the English Proficiency requirement you may see this Official Guideline, English Proficiency Requirements

How to apply for the Chevening Scholarship

The online application for Chevening Scholarship will be entertained after they announce the start date of this Program in August.

Chevening Scholarship 2021 is now open for International Students. You can apply for it online right now.

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