The reason why the whites failed to colonize Ethiopia

Colonize Ethopia



Colonialism can be described as a form of government, in which an independent nation rules and controls the affair of another country, which are often termed as Colonies.

At the end of the 18th century till the mid 19th century, Africa was extremely subjected to foreign rule as the British and French governments compete with one another to dominate Africa.

Marxists and the Conflict theorists had written that the invention of the steam engine and industrialization, was a major factor that triggered colonialism and imperialism. Well, that’s a discussion for another article.

However, Ethiopia remained the only country that was never subjected to foreign rule. The reason is not far-fetched. According to historians, religion was the main weapon that the imperialists used to dominate us.

But, Ethiopia, as a nation, stood rigid and refused to be dominated through religion. When the Italians tried to introduce their version of Christianity into Ethiopia, it led to a brutal war between the Ethiopian army and the Italian army at the battle of Aldoa.

The image of God the Father, the Son, and the holy spirit in Ethiopian orthodoxy are black images, not the white or Caucasian images brought to west Africa.

In the minds of Ethiopian Christians, the angels are black, Jesus was black, God is black and all the apostles were black. That was why Ethiopia was never conquered by any colonizer or European power.

“Unpopular Opinion”: ”If you cannot Africanize any foreign religious ideology, you are on your way to eternal colonialism. Your spirituality is power.”

NB: Ethiopian Leaders also used to rear wild animals like Lions, Tigers, Leopards and they also reared insects like Bees(Hives of Them) in which they used to drive out the Italians.

Secondly, Ethiopia is years backward from the world because they have their own calendars which read up to 13 months

Thirdly, They have their own ways of counting Time in which their wall clock has the numbers inverted unlike the rest of the World which has their numbers on the clock straight.

Fourthly, They have a language spoken by all tribes which are their traditional language mostly and less English [Even though modern civilization might have come but still they haven’t abandoned whatever they might have been holding on to].

Fifth, They have their own alphabets not actually the ABC that we all know today or we were thought to know or indoctrinated with.

They have beautiful ladies around there too.
Capital is ADDIS ABABA.

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