Candy Ken Net Worth: How wealthy is the Austrian Rapper?


Candy Ken is a popular Austrian Rapper, Model, and Tit Tok Celebrity. He is mostly recognized for his Tit Tok videos and his blending masculine appearance. As of 25th October 2021, Candy Ken net worth is approximately $3 million according to Forbes update.

Net worth: $3 Million
Name: Jacob Kasimir Hellrigl
Nick: Candy Ken
Date of Birth: July 27,1992
Occupation: Rapper and Model
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Girlfriend: Baby J
Last Update: 25th October 2021

Read below as we unveil to you all that you need to know about Candy Ken such as his biography, Net worth, and other facts about the Austrian Rapper.

Candy Ken Bio

Candy Ken was born on 27th July 1992 in Austria. His early life began in Bregenz, Austria. He moved to Berlin to study photography and film design at Lette-Verein College in 2012. He however dropped out in 2015. He went further to study at Wenatchee High School in Washington. He met two ladies in Wenatchee who later became his best friends and they inspired him to begin his musical career.

Being inspired by Japanese Kawaii culture and Barbie Dolls l, Ken invented a new gender-bending persona for himself. This led to him wearing pink clothes as his unique way of dressing.

Candy Ken Girlfriend

A lot of people misinterpreted Candy Ken as being gay, but obviously, he is not. Ken is dating a girl named Baby J. She is also a Tit Tok celebrity. She most times shares cute pictures of herself and Ken having nice time together.


Candy Ken Career

His debut video ” Candy Land on Youtube” was released in 2014. The video was produced by Let’s Go Radio. The video was made a short movie named “Welcome to Candy Land”. Shortly after the movie, he won an award at the Austrian short film festival in 2015. He went on to release ” Candy Ken Paradise” and “Daddy 69″.

His solo album ” Real Talk” was released in June 2016. Candy Ken was inspired by Rapper Riff Raff. Aside from music, he also worked as a model. Candy Ken has a follower of 10.5 million on Tit Tok and his videos are liked more than 350 million times.

Candy Ken has collaborated with artist such as Gigi Tays and Bainshe.

Candy Ken Net worth

Candy Ken net worth is approximately $3 Million on 25th October 2021.He is a famous rapper and Tit Tok Star whose amazing skills have earned him a lot of fortune. His source of money comes from music,  adverts, and sponsorship on Tit Tok. It is rumored that he earns between $1,310 and $2,185 per post on Tik Tok


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