Best 10 Female Motivational Speakers in Nigeria

Best female motivational speakers in Nigeria


Our main focus in this article is on the best 10 female motivational speakers in Nigeria.

A motivational speaker is an individual who uses his or her voice to uplift and makes others become the best of themselves. These people take out time to speak on various topics such as health, education, entertainment and other useful fields of life.

In Nigeria, we have a lot of motivational speakers who are helping to shape the nation and make it a better place. I have decided to write on ten best female motivational speakers in this article, we have a lot of them but I want us to have a glance at the best ten.

Best 10 Female Motivational Speakers in Nigeria


1. Chinwe Bode Akinwade

She is the Head of Brand Quality Assurance FBN Limited. Chinwe Bode is also of Chinwe Bode Akinwade Foundation – an NGO that aids widows and less-privilleged-kids

She helps widows by becoming the best of themselves through different talk shows, inspiring speeches and by also helping them become valuable to the society.

She believes that widows need adequate supports and care and society is unhurriedly on how to appropriately respond to them

2. Abisoye Ajayi – Akinfolarin

She is the CEO of Pearls Africa Youth Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization with the aim of educating young girls in un-reached areas in Nigeria with adequate technology skills

For Abisoye’s excellent works so far, she was named as one of the CNN Heroes of the year. She was also recognized as ONE of Woman of the year 2018.

She is one of the best female motivation speakers in Nigeria.

3. Olajumoke Adenowo

Olajumoke is an architect, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Ahe is the founder of AD Consulting, an architectural and interior design firm.

Olajumoke Adenowo has been called ‘Africa’s Strachitect’ by CNN and is also regarded as ‘ the face of Architecture in Nigeria’ by The Guardian.

She was admitted to study architecture at Obafemi Awolowo University at the age of 14 and she graduated at the age of 19 with a BSc in Architecture.

Mrs. Adenowo also obtained a Master’s of science and got a distinction in the courses she offered. She is the host of Voice of change, a radio show in Nigeria.

4. Omilola Oshikoya

Omilola is the CEO of Omilola Oshikoya International, a life and financial coaching company.

She is the author of the book ‘The Richer Woman’, the book tells about her personal experiences in her pursuit for wealth.

She has impacted Nigerians through her seminar ‘Do It Afraid’, an annual seminar organized to inspire business-minded people to read h their goals despite the difficulties that may arise.

She has spoken in various seminars, conferences, and interviews on wealth creation.

5. Bimbo Balogun

Bimbo Balogun is the co-founder of So Fresh Neighborhood Market, the company is one of  Nigeria’s premium healthy food brands that distribute fresh nutrition and also encourages healthy living.

Bimbo has been contributing positively to the growth of Nigerians through her online course, ‘Building Great Teams’ for small businesses. Aside from this, she also motivates Nigerians on the benefits of good food and good health.

6. Nimi Akinkugbe

Nimi was born in Port Harcourt Nigeria. She schooled in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, and later attended school in Kenya and the United Kingdom where she obtained a B sc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

She also obtained an MBA from the Lagos business school. Nimi Akinkugbe is known for a popular monopoly board game in Nigeria. She has spoken in different seminars and has also published different articles on financial management.

7. Arese Ugwu

After her divorce from her husband and undergoing difficulties in financier, she decided to take charge and publish the book ‘The Smart Money Woman, a book that adds various financial literacy and has gained international recognition for its potency in helping young people make smarter money decisions.

Arese Ugwu attended the University College London (UCL) and Aston Buss school, Birmingham, where she obtained an MSc in Economic Development and a BSc in business and management.

She is among the best female motivational speakers in Nigeria.

8. Tara Fela – Durotoye

She is a lawyer and a pioneer bridal makeup artist. She studied law at the University of Lagos.

Tara Fela started her makeup business with 15,000 Naira. She began her makeup career while studying law. From catering to a few weddings, her brand expanded to become a pioneering movement for all other makeup brands in Nigeria

She has spoken through various platforms on relationships, careers, and finance.

Tara Fela Durotoye is the wife of the present presidential aspirant under the political party Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Fela Durotoye, who is also a writer, an entrepreneur consultant, and a recognized speaker.

9. Denike Balogun

She is a businesswoman, CEO, The tea room, enthusiast, and event planner

Denike Balogun is the founder of the Tea room, a brunch event, and great seafood. She has contributed immensely to the growth of Nigeria through her motivational speeches at various conferences and seminars.

10. Farida Kabir

Farida Kabir is a public health scientist, software developer, UI/UX designer, public speaker, trainer, and technology entrepreneur.

She is the founder of OTRAC, learning software for African healthcare practitioners.

Farida is a strong advocate for women and girls in STEM. She is also the leader of Google Women Tech Makers Abuja and the co-organizer for Google Developer Group Abuja.


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