Latest Airtel Data plans plus subscription code 2020

Airtel is one of the largest and most popular service providers in Nigeria. Airtel provides its users with a large number of appealing tariff plans with the best internet services for its patronizers.

airtel data plans

How to Activate/ Subscribe to the New Airtel data plans

The best and easy way to subscribe to Airtel data plans has been updated below for all readers.

Airtel data plans come in daily/weekly plan, monthly, mega plans, social plans, Instagram bundles, and Top bundles.

How to activate Airtel Daily/weekly data plan:

The best and easy method of activating Airtel’s daily/weekly plan is by following the below steps.

1) For Airtel 25MB, dial *141*500#. The cost is N50. Valid for 24 hours.

2)For Airtel 75MB, dial *141*100#. The cost is N100. Validity is 24 hours

3) For Airtel 1GB, dial *141*354#. The cost is N300. The validity is 24 hours.

4) For Airtel 2GB, dial *141*504#.cost is N500.

You may also purchase the Airtel 3-day data bundle for N300.

Airtel Monthly plans ( New update)

Airtel monthly plans are best for long hours of internet surfing. It comes in both cheap and expensive packages making it easy for everyone to afford.

  • 1.5GB costs N1000  ( *141*1000#)
  • 2GB costs N1,200  (*141*1200#)
  • 3GB costs N1,500  (*141*1500#)
  • 4.5GB costs N2,000  (*141*2000#)
  • 6GB costs N2,500  ( *141*2500#)
  • 8GB costs N3,000  (*141*3000#)
  • 11GB costs ( *141*4000#)

All the above data is valid for 30 days

Airtel Mega Plan ( New update)

Airtel mega plan is beneficial to heavy data users. This plan is best for most active users such as companies that use the internet for their service.

  1. 15GB goes for N5,000, dial *141*5000#
  2. 40 GB goes for N10,000, dial *141*10000#
  3. 75GB goes for N15,000, dial *141*15000#
  4. 110 GB goes for N20,000, dial *141*20000#

          Airtel Social Plans

Airtel social plans are mostly used to access social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. To activate or subscribe to Airtel social plans dial.

*948*4#, 10 MB for N25 (WhatsApp only!)

*991*4#, 40 MB for N50 (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp)

*688*3#, 80 MB N100 (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp)

*668*1#, 600MB N300 (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp)

Airtel Facebook and Whatsapp bundles

There are also three available options for those who need access to Facebook and Whatsapp only

  • 100 MB – 25 Naira, 1 day, *141*254# ( to stop auto renew dial *141*254*1#)
  • 200 MB – N50, 1-week validity,  dial *141*54*1#
  • 500 MB- N100 for 1 month, dial *141*104# ( dial *144*104*1# to stop auto-renew)

  Airtel Instagram Bundle

For Airtel Instagram bundle dial:

  • *141*105# for 250MB – N100
  • *141*205# – 1GB.
  • Note that these plans are valid for only 24 hours.

  Airtel Topup bundles

Airtel top-up bundles are postpaid and you can purchase any suitable one of your choice after exhausting your monthly plan. For Airtel top-up bundles dial;

*141*11*9#  for 1GB = N500

*141*11*10# for 2GB = N1000

*141*11*11# for 4 GB = N2,000

*141*11*12# for 10 GB = N5,000

  Airtel Opera Bundles

Opera bundle Is mainly for opera and nothing else. To activate airtel opera bundle dial;

*141*253# (1 day), 25 MB = N20

*141*53# (7 days), 100 MB = N50

*141*103# (30 days), 300 MB = N100

Note: you can neither nor stream with these bundles.

 Airtel Pay as you go

Airtel pay as you go gives you an opportunity to use mobile internet at an affordable rate of 3 Naira. To start using this service dial *100#

How to buy Airtel data online

You can now purchase airtel data online by visiting the Airtel official website and then choose your desired plan.

How to check Airtel data balance

To check Airtel data balance simply dial *140#

How to recharge your Airtel line

Simply dial *126*pin# to recharge your Airtel line.

How to buy data on Airtel line

To purchase data on your Airtel line simply dial *141# or *121# then following the instructions to purchase your desired plan.

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