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Understanding a Lady the easy way

Understanding a lady

understanding a lady is another way guys shows how true they love, ladies are special gifts to human and they ought to be given due respect.

Human beings they say are dynamic in nature, but aside this, some are better understood from the way they act.

There are better ways to know what they trying to say from the way they speak or do things, some of this process are listed below for you to know

Understanding a lady through questions:

In a lady’s mind runs millions of thoughts in which is difficult to comprehend. The best way to understand whatever a lady is trying to say is the type of question she asks.

1. Can I call you anytime?

By this she simply tryna ask you if as a guy you are married or not. Ladies love when they are free around you.

2. Can you drive?-

logically She is asking “Do you have a car? Most ladies love cars. Asking a question like this could tell that she like a guy that has a car.

3. Someone is asking for my hands in marriage….

She is asking ” When are you coming to see my parents, this sometimes shows to a lady how serious her guy is towards her.

6. I want you to love me for who I am? –

She doesn’t love sharing. At this point She probably needs your attention focused on her alone, She loves it when you wholeheartedly love her.

7. Do you stay in your family house? –

She’s asking if you stay alone, this is only to show that you are responsible and then trying to live up to her expectations.

8. Can you date without sex?

– she’s want to know if you love sex too much, some guys believes in sex more than a relationship. She wants to understand your views on sex issues.

9. Sweetheart, my girlfriend has a just been taken!

– She wants to know your reaction about marriage. What are your marital plans towards her.

10. Why do you love me? –

She just wants you to tell her  good things about herself. Probably she wants to hear you speak good of her.

11. Is that all you have to say? –

She wants you to accept your fault, or say “sorry”

12. I’m not happy with you  –

She just need petting, yea! She needs pampering!

13. Can’t you see I’m here? –

She wants attention. This is another way of announcing her presence.

14. You’re not romantic

– She wants to rest in your arms. Bros keep petting her

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Understanding her through behaviour

  • She may fix an appointment with you and disappoint you
    – She just wants to test your patience.
  • If she stop complaining; you are about to lose her or u are
    loosing her

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