20 most profitable courses to study in Nigeria 2021

The Nigerian employment system is no longer the way it is; it has now expanded to a proper level where employers sought after graduates that studies the best courses that are currently in demand.

If you are a student that wants to study a course in the engineering field, then you should know the best engineering courses to study in Nigeria that will guarantee you rapid employment.

For an art student, it is good that you know the best art course to study in Nigeria. The same goes for a social science student.

Read below 20 most profitable courses to study in Nigerian

For better comprehension, we grouped the 20 best courses into four categories and they include:

  • 5 Best Engineering courses
  • 5 Best Science courses
  • 5 Best Social science and Art  courses to study in Nigeria

Best Engineering to study in Nigeria

1. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the highly-rated engineering courses in Nigeria. This course extends across different technical specialties.

The work of a civil engineer is planning, designing, and supervision of construction facilities like space satellite and launching facilities, bridges, building tunnels, airports, harbors, wastewater treatment plants, and so on.

The career opportunities for a civil engineer include:

  • Quantity surveyor
  • Site Engineer
  • Water Engineer

2. Mechanical Engineering 

This one of the best courses to study in Nigeria right now.

Mechanical engineering is another aspect of Engineering that works with the principle of physics to analyze, design, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

Mechanical engineering deals with the production of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of Machine tools.

A mechanical engineer can work as a maintenance engineer, Quality assurance, Design Engineer Safety Engineer, Production Supervisor both in the government and private sector.

3. Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers today are highly rated and sought after in Nigeria. Computer Engineers develop a complex and innovative form of technology that is currently in circulation.

Computer engineering is one of the best and the most lucrative course to study in Nigeria. Computer Engineers are highly demanded in Nigeria.

4. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Paul 4 among the 20 top best courses to study in Nigeria. computer engineering requires an understanding of chemistry and Engineering for the production of chemicals related products, It also covers area such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, petroleum refining plant, pharmaceutical, etc

5. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is also known as Elect Elect. It deals with the engineering aspect such as electrical, electronics, computer, telecommunications, etc. It is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria.

5 Best Science Courses to Study In Nigeria

1. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is one of the best science courses to study in Nigeria. pharmacy is very lucrative as it allows you to be self-employed after graduation.

To study pharmacy in Nigeria, you need to score high points in jamb as this course is highly competitive in Nigeria. It is one of the best courses in Nigeria.

2. Medicine

medicine over-the-year has been one of the best-rated courses to study in Nigeria. The employment opportunity for medicine is broad.  A good Nigerian doctor will have the opportunity to work in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

3. Nursing

The good thing about nursing is that the course is open to both the male and female gender. Nursing allows you to work in the hospital Football Club, schools, and other places that need the service of a Nurse.

Nursing is one of the 20 best courses to study in Nigeria

4. Mathematics/Statistics

The demand for Mathematician and Statistician has continued to increase daily, not many people love to study Maths or Statistics- so the few ones in this field are most sought after in Nigeria today.

5. Agricultural Science

Food is one of the necessities of Man. Agricultural science is not only valued is also held in high esteem when it comes to courses in Nigeria. Studying Agricultural science will expose you to different farming methods, rearing of livestock, and self-employment techniques.

10 Best Social Science and Art courses to study in Nigeria

1. Accounting

Top business firms, government organizations, Banks will continue to need the service of an accountant which is why accounting retains its position as one of the best courses with a high employment rate in Nigeria. To study Accounting you need to score high points in Jamb and also pass your school Utme exam.


Entrepreneurship and marketing is a highly appreciated course in Nigeria. The demand for marketers is on the increase and the same goes for entrepreneurs because they handle the business sector in society. Studying these courses will expose you to big employment opportunities in Nigeria.

3. Law

As a lawyer, you can be an attorney for a big firm, a family lawyer, and also work in the court. Law is a high valued course in Nigeria, most students who study law end up becoming big persons in Nigeria

4. Mass Communication

Mass Communication allows you to work in TV stations radio stations newspaper publishing companies and so on. Studying mass communication is one of the best decision for undergraduates that are yet to secure admission into the tertiary level.

other courses for science and art students include

5. Theatre and Film Arts

6. Creative and Visual Art

7. Public Administration

8. Business Management

9.Criminology and Security Studies

10. History


20 best courses to study at Nigerian University

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Medicine
  3. Nursing
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Law
  7. Creative and visual art
  8. Statistics
  9. Chemical Engineering
  10. Economics
  11. History
  12. Architecture
  13. Marketing
  14. Criminology and Security Studies
  15. Business Management
  16. Chemical Engineering
  17. Agricultural science
  18. Computer Science
  19. Law
  20. Economics

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